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MOSUG is the MISER Outsourcing User Group. Our membership includes institutions that are currently (or will be within the next 90 days) a Service Bureau customer of FIS using the MISER core banking software.  This subgroup gives our members a forum to communicate with each other and FIS about issues pertinent to the data center clients.  

MOSUG has quarterly meetings, 3 via conference call and 1 in person at the annual MUG conference. The primary purpose of our meetings is to get an update from Orlando Production Control and the Charlotte Data Center of what’s going on or coming soon as it relates to Miser. FIS also requests our feedback about how we think things are going and if there are any issues that we feel need to be addressed.  We always include a “members only” section on the agenda as well where we have an open discussion after the FIS folks have disconnected from the call.  This gives the institutions an opportunity to have follow-up discussions or just to ask questions of the group about “whatever”. The questions are not always Miser related, it may be about the use of another software product or vendor.  Our calls typically last about an hour.  If a question from a member comes up between our quarterly meetings, we’ll send it out to the group via email to see if anyone is able to provide information or share their experience of the setup process.  This is a great resource for all when you are looking for some ideas or help.  There are no annual dues to be part of our group.  We welcome new members and have a current membership with about 30 institutions.



Jack Rookstool
Hatboro Federal Savings and Loan (PA29)
212 South York Road
Hatboro, PA 19040
[email protected]